Instructions for On Line Applications / All Programs

Instructions (Do in this order):

    1. Open the file “Program Application ” (You will need the free application, “Acrobat Reader”. If you do not have it, do an internet search for “Acrobat Reader” and download the version appropriate for your operating system.)
    2. Print the application and complete all required information in BLUE or BLACK ink ONLY.
    3. Sign your application and personally deliver or mail it to: (For security reasons, we DO NOT suggest that you send it as an email attachment – FAXED applications WILL NOT be accepted)

The Housing Authority of Maysville, 600 Clark Street Maysville, KY 41056.

      4. The following information is needed at the time your application is submitted to the Housing Authority:

  • Verification of Income: Three (3) most recent original check stubs, recent Social Security Notice, Pension Benefits Letter, KTAP Verification, Unemployment Notice, Food Stamps Notice, Child Support Verification, etc.
  • Verification of your Current Address if it is not on your ID or Driver’s License.
  • Social Security Cards for ALL HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS.
  • Birth Certificates for ALL HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS.
  • Driver’s License or Photo ID for ALL ADULT MEMBERS in your Household (18 Years of Age or Older).
  • Legal Separation Papers or Divorce Decree and/or Custody Documentation.
  • Print out & complete a separate copy of the form requesting and approving a search of the “Background Check” for each adult in the household.
  • Print out & complete a “Background Check #2” form naming all adult members of the household, their dates of birth and Social Security number, sign & date the form
  • Print out & complete the “Privacy Act Notice,” which is a release of information form, and needs to be signed by anyone age 18 & older who is listed on the application.
  • Print out & complete the “Rental History,” providing the Housing Authority of Maysville with information on your 3 most recent landlords.
  • Print out & complete the “Contact Form,” which provides alternate and emergency contacts in the event the Housing Authority of Maysville cannot reach you personally. If you choose not to provide this information, please check the box above the signature line, signing & dating the form.
  • Print out the “Privacy Rights” & “Fraud Warning,” retaining these documents for your records.