March 21, 2014


The Housing Authority of Maysville has been in touch with the agency that is overseeing the LiHeap heating assistance.


You MUST take documents verifying ALL household income with you when you go to LickingValley to apply for the heating assistance.


Due to the difficulty in accessing Social Security Award Letters, the agency overseeing LiHeap has agreed to accept a copy of the Enterprise Income Verification report that HAM can access, since this report is generated from a database linking HUD and the Social Security Administration.


THIS REPORT CAN ONLY BE USED TO VERIFY YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY INCOME. Any other income in the household will need to be verified by other means.

You MUST come to our office IN PERSON to PICK UP this report. Due to its confidential nature, it CANNOT be FAXED!


(You have signed a RELEASE allowing HAM to FAX verification to Licking Valley that you live in one of our apartments, and that any utility bills are payable to HAM. That is the ONLY purpose for this form, and the ONLY form that we can FAX.)

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